#1 Rust Protection in North America!

An eco-friendly, petroleum based undercoating that has been around since 1986. It si great for new, used, and rusted behicles. Lengthen the life of your ride with KROWN today!

Why Krown?

Krown is a petrolum based product with rust inhibitos containing no solvents. It is designed to slow down or inhibit rust and corrosion on vehicles. It contains no toxins, is non-flammable, non-reactive, non-corrosive and can be sprayed rain or shine!

Krown is self-healing and is constantly creeping, remaining active to continuously repel mositure and keeps it away from the metal surgace. Unlike tar, rubberized, and wax based coatings that will trap in the elements. Krown also acts as a lubricant for many moving parts such as door locks, brake cables, power antennas, window regulators, & more.

When applying Krown our techs spray underneath the vehicles (frame & chasis), inside door pannels, rockers, quarters, pillars, fenders, under the hood, trunk lids, tailgate/liftgates, and inside the bed walls of trucks.

An annual visit to our Krown Center means your vehicle will look better, last longer, maintain a higher resale value, and will even be safer to drive. In addition, having your vehicle treated at Krown will actually save you money by reducing repair costs and lengthening the lifecycle of your vehicle.

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Minivans & SUVs


Pick-Ups & Large SUVs


Krown Mobile Service

Krown Rochester offers mobile krown services to commercial customers including but not limited to, emergencies vehicles, buses, service trucks, construction equiment and more.

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Fleet applications are dependent upon the weather.

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