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RC – 3.5 Inch Lift Kit

RC - 3.5 Inch Lift Kit

Fits: Jeep Wrangler JK 2WD/4WD (2007-2018)
Does NOT fit 2-door models.
2012-2018 models require exhaust modifications to clear the front driveshaft

**On Automatic equipped vehicles; due to the use of an oversized driveshaft from the factory and inadequate factory clearance it may be possible for the front driveshaft to come in contact with the automatic transmission pan tearing the factory boot and rubbing on the shaft. Generally, this occurs during heavy articulation when front sway bar links are disconnected and longer shocks are installed. If this is found to occur, the proper procedure would be to replace the oversized factory shaft with an aftermarket smaller diameter shaft to increase clearance between the transmission and front driveshaft. Rough Country does offer this driveshaft if needed.**

In the Box: Lifted coil springs, Control arm drop brackets, Track bar drop brackets, Pitman arm, Brake line relocation brackets, Coil correction plate, Extended sway-bar links, Brake line relocation brackets, Hardware, (4) Premium N3 Shocks.

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